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We have compiled a list of attractions, events and activities in Kirkwood that will keep you and your family entertained throughout the day. Below are some of our favorite attractions and events that you can find at home in and around Kirkwoods.

Nestled in a 112-hectare oak and hickory forest, you'll hike 3 km on cobbled paths to enjoy the sloping rocky forests, home to towering trees, tangled vines, wild flowers and a variety of wildlife. This is the largest and most popular nature park in the state of Missouri and covers more than 1,000 acres with a total area of 1.5 million square feet.

The Riverwoods Trail offers a relatively short route that starts in West Alton and winds south through the city's main streets, including Manchester Road and Missouri Route 100, which borders our city to the north, and US 61 / 67 and Lindbergh Boulevard, which runs north - south along the riverbank and south - west along Highway 94. To extend your trip, head west on Highway 94 to changing leaves and colorful cliffs overlooking the Mississippi and Missouri.

The St. Louis Art Museum has an attraction in Forest Park, and children can explore the Magic House at the Kirkwood Museum of Natural History and History. The Wright Brothers Building and the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum are just four other buildings in Kirkwoods listed on the NRHP.

If you have time, you can take a trip to the St. Louis Museum of Natural History and History on the Missouri Riverfront. This country highlights the natural and cultural history of Missouri and is conveniently located next to our train station.

The site is named after Henry T. Mudd, who helped draft the Missouri Constitution of 1875 and served in the state legislature. The Missouri River Runner will take you from Independence to St. Louis and on to Kansas City, Kansas. You can also visit the Museum of Natural History and History on the St. Louis Riverfront and the Museum of History at the University of Missouri - Columbia.

There are no apartments at any price on either side of the river, but I was told that there was a time when a group of black men from St. Louis County, Missouri, went down in history for no reason, came to St. Louis and just went to Kirkwood, bought a farm and founded the all-black settlement of Meacham Park. In the 1850s, William Leffingwell and his son Richard bought land along the same route as the railway line. They settled under the bridge and, just in case for any reason no recorded history occurred in St Louis, went straight over the bridge and bought the farm in the early 20th century.

And then the city of St. Louis didn't gently encourage them to evacuate to make way for black tenements. So neighborhoods were gradually bypassed and suburbs evacuated to areas that were among the fastest growing in the United States in the 1970 "s and 1980" s. That included Kirkwood, a suburb of about 1.5 million people that is home to about 2,000 blacks.

My favorite hike is in Hawn State Park, but the Lewis and Clark Trails are just a second away and the Rock Hollow Trail offers beautiful forest excursions. I also love camping and fishing in Council Bluffs, and my new favorite river is the Big Piney. We love paddling on the small rivers and our favorite river, the St. Louis River, as well as the Missouri River.

This large Missouri city is located on the banks of the Mississippi River and has a big city life that is steeped in old traditions. The city is located on the Missouri River and is full of nice boutiques that take you back in time. If you need ideas or wonder what to do in Kirkwood, Missouri, don't forget to report everything. With a thriving community, good food and a vibrant culture, you will never have to ask yourself: "What am I doing to myself?

The St. Louis County Parks Department has approved this year's Kirkwood Triathlon on July 26, 2020.

I hope to get on the boat this fall, followed by a loop about an hour and a half north of downtown St. Louis. Book an Amtrak or Missouri River Runner ride at the Kirkwood, MO train station, just one mile from downtown Louis! Amtrak is not accessible on foot, but there are just over 30 minutes to the Arch, which can be shortened to 15 minutes by a MetroLink train from the St. Louis Amtrak train station to the east. The nearest stop to StLouis Amtrak is Forest Park, which can be reached by train in about 13 minutes.

The Museum of the Gateway Arch (formerly known as the Museum of Westward Expansion) is one of my best activities in St. Louis. So plan a long trip to Gateway West and see some of our free things to do in St. Louis.

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More About Kirkwood