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Job seekers in Missouri have plenty of reason to be optimistic: the state's unemployment rate has been steadily falling since 2010, automakers and green-energy companies are bringing more jobs to the state, and Kirkwood's largest employer is education. In 2013, the University of Missouri employed 1,149 people - St. Louis School of Public Health and Human Services. The state continues to create jobs: Moody's Analytics predicts the state will create 35,936 new jobs in 2014.

One of the city's largest employers is Peterson Manufacturing Company, which makes lighting systems for vehicles. Other employers in the city include Harley-Davidson Motorcycles, a maker of licensed Harley Davidson motorcycle memorabilia, and the Kirkwood Chamber of Commerce.

Job seekers will find resources here at Columbia Career Center, which offers job fairs, training and career counseling, while nearby St. Charles Community College provides vocational training for high school and college students, as well as job placement services. In Kirkwood, Missouri, the state's Department of Labor Development offers a jobboard for job seekers in the region and an online job search tool. Job seekers can also work with the Independence Career Center, located about 20 miles away in Independence, or get help with resumes and job interviews and help through the MissouriCareer Center Partnership, which offers local jobs, such as internships and job training programs.

Job seekers can also take refresher courses on the University of Central Missouri satellite campus, which offers courses in computer science, computer engineering and computer programming, as well as other skills. In Columbia, tech-oriented job seekers can improve their skills at Columbia Community College's College of Computer Science and Engineering.

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